Is Your Moving Quote Ridiculous or Reasonable? Here’s How To Tell

In the world of furniture moving and home relocations, all moving quotes are not created equally. There are many great moving companies available, but there are ways for a less than honest company to take advantage of you. It can be a stressful process finding a trustworthy business that will quote you a reasonable price for relocating your household or office space. Thankfully, there are some telltale signs that you are not receiving a fair deal. Take a look at the following guidelines for determining whether you are receiving good service:

Are there guidelines?

When quoting you a price for their relocation services, most companies should be able to tell you a method for pricing your household or office space. In other words, a good company will have a pre-determined system for computing a moving quote. There are certain signs that the company has a pre-formulated method: It is a good sign if the company asks you questions regarding the size of your home, the size of your furniture, and the size of your household goods. A company who will come look at your home before making an estimate is also a positive indication.

You should avoid businesses that refuse to give you a quote beforehand. It is not worth the risk that they may come back after the move and charge you a ridiculous price. If you are in doubt as to the guidelines the company follows in making a quote, simply ask what their quoting system entails.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Moving your possessions is an important process. There is a reason why moving quotes can be pricey: you want the job done correctly, with care and professionalism. moving quotes Ask family members and friends who have previously experienced a move, what their moving prices were. If a company falls well below the average quote, then you may want to proceed with caution. Chances are they may have several surcharges they will add to your bill at the end of the move.

The price should include insurance.

Reputable companies include moving insurance in their quotes. Not only should the insurance include covering your furniture and goods in the unfortunate case of damage, but good insurance quotes will also include worker’s comp for their movers. It is not a great situation in which to find yourself if a mover sues you personally for physical injuries.

Bonus! Two quotes & reusable materials.

Not all companies will give you two quotes, but some rare companies will quote you different moving quotes based on different requirements. Some price a move based on the square footage of the home, while others base the price on location and furniture pieces. A great company will not be afraid to give you both options and let you make a decision based on your needs. The key is to again look for reliability and established practices.